Elissah Bio P2 probiotic skincare combines probiotics, prebiotics and phyto actives to work in synergy to deliver optimal effectiveness. It is designed to strengthen the skin's natural defences, help regulate the skin's barrier, replenish moisture and hydrate dry and dull skin 

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Would I Benefit From Probiotic Skincare? YES! 


  • You Have Sensitive Skin

  • ​You Live In An Urban Environment

  • You're Acne-Prone

  • You Have Dry & Aging Skin

  • Your Skin Looks Dull and Dehydrated

The bacteria cell content interacts with receptors to modulate the immune response and this really helps soothe inflammation in the skin. With our over-clean modern lifestyle, this ecosystem is often damaged and can result in dry, stressed, sensitive skin. Bringing probiotics and prebiotics into the equation can help rebuild this healthy skin ecosystem, giving you back the glowing skin you're supposed to have.

Probiotic skincare is designed to strengthen skin’s barrier against environmental threats and reduce the factors that trigger skin sensitivities, redness and irritation. Probiotic skincare is a natural skincare solution and one of the most cutting edge concepts in skin care today. When the skin microbiome is balanced, the skin complexion is glowing and radiant. The moisture is kept inside the skin and therefore the skin feels soft and hydrated. But when the skin microbiome is disrupted, for example when using harsh cleansers or poor diet, it can cause breakouts, acne, rosacea, eczema and random sensitivities.

We are exposed to daily environmental aggressors, such as pollution, sunlight, dirt, or the use of harsh chemicals in skin care products. All of these will trigger our immune system to respond and become over stimulated. When this happens, the natural balance of the skin is disrupted. Over time, healthy cells, elastin and collagen are damaged, the skin becomes less able to repair itself. The skin loses its glow and radiance and it looks dull and tired. However, when the skin microbiome is healthy, the microbiological barrier can protect against these aggressors and reduce the chance that the immune system will trigger.


Pack contains - All In One Essence, Hydro Moisturiser, Skin Barrier Oil.

Containing both probiotic metabolites and prebiotics that regulate the balance of the skin microbiome, it will result in fundamental improvement and maintenance of a healthy skin condition.


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A unique symbiotic blend of prebiotics, probiotics and Australian native plant extracts to help against daily environmental aggressors, promotes skin firmness and elasticity.


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An easily absorbed moisturiser that promotes firmness and elasticity, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin hydrated, softer and younger-looking.


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Elissah Bio P2 Probiotic Skincare - reviewed by beauty blogger

Hydro Moisturiser

With the combination of cold winter weather recently and the fact I have been pregnant ALL year long! I don’t remember my skin ever being this dry – ever! Usually I would describe my skin as being more oily/combination on my face without any dry areas. This year however, I have developed some weird random dry area around the bottom of my nose area which I have tried to conceal with some good foundation for work each day, however since trying cream after cream from my stash supply, I was keen to try something new as nothing was working on this particular dry area. Read More

All In One Essence

This 10ml glass dropper bottle may be small, but really does pack a punch. You only need 1-2 drops each day, so it should last you quite a while. I have been using mine for about two months now and am not even half way though it yet! Used in combo with these other two Advance Bio P2 products mentioned here, my skin is looks so much softer and more hydrated than it did before I began using them. Read More

The bacteria of the skin microbiome have a crucial protective effect. It is the skin’s first defence system.  The skin’s ecoflora consists of natural and beneficial microbial flora and it is perfectly symbiotic with the skin.

It helps to strengthen and activate the skin’s immune system. As long as the skin has enough ecoflora, it is perfectly protected. However as soon as this balance is disrupted, discomfort and irritation can occur and damage can be caused. The skin’s ecoflora can become deficient when exposed to environmental pollution, temperature variation, stress, nutritional disorders or an unsuitable skin care routine, such as the use of harsh cleansers.

There are more than 1 trillion bacteria on the skin including about 1000 different species and they have a crucial protective effect!

When we talk about bacteria, we often think that they are something nasty and we just want to get rid of them. But good bacteria can actually do many good things to our body. We've all heard that taking probiotic supplements can improve our immune system and general wellbeing, but do you know that probiotics can actually help our skin too?




What is probiotic skincare and how does it work?

The bacteria of the skin microbiome help to maintain the immune system, repair damage, and protect against allergens and UV exposure. Bacteria also limit damage caused by oxidation and improve the hydration and elasticity of the skin. However, an unbalanced microbiome is linked to many skin conditions such as eczema, allergies, dandruff, acne or dermatitis. Having large numbers of friendly microbes can actually stop bad microbes from invading our skin and protect us from skin infections. When the microbiological barrier is broken, the pathogenic bacteria and allergens can penetrate and cause our immune system to trigger resulting in inflammation. Due to the barrier being broken, moisture cannot be retained inside and the skin feels tight and dry.

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