Laviol Valley, Australia

Lilly & Milly, Alfie Rabbit and Elissah are part of Laviol Valley series. At Laviol, we are dedicated to providing quality products to our customers. We continuously conduct ingredient research to find even more natural ingredients that have wonderful properties to help improve skin conditions and provide a natural and safe solution to our customers. Australia is proud of its agricultural products, with natural and rich farmland, we are able to use quality natural ingredients in our products and our products are guaranteed to not contain toxic chemicals. Enjoy our beautiful products and feel the happiness, peace and calm from Laviol Valley life and the picturesque Australian countryside.



The "LAVIOL" name comes from a combination of Lavender, Violet and Olive leaf; these plants symbolise constancy, modesty, simplicity, peace and healing. We are inspired by the symbolism and are dedicated to providing a high quality, ethical, committed, transparent and trustworthy skin care brands to our customers.

Our products does not contain development and reproductive toxicity or potential cancer-causing ingredients and are  designed to eliminate the toxins which cause premature aging. The best way to keep our skin looking younger, radiant and more beautiful is to keep our skin healthy. 

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