Lilly & Milly goats milk products are made with awarded food grade goats milk, natural oils, botanical extracts and essential oils. It gives you more radiant, soft, healthy and beautiful skin.

no SLS,

no parabens,

no petrochemicals,

not tested on animals, made with natural ingredients

Goats milk soap provides great benefits to our skin. Goats milk contains many different vitamins that are beneficial to the skin. The goats milk's unique protein and its capric and caprylic acids allow the milk's rich emollients to be absorbed without stripping away your skin's natural protective oils. It is the best alternative to traditional soap and is highly beneficial for people who have sensitive skin.

Goats Milk  lightweight moisturisers provide immediate hydration that lasts all day without causing breakouts or greasiness. It is specially formulated with apple stem cell to provide anti-aging effects. It hydrates, moisturises, restores and renews your skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth. 

NO Parabens


No artificial colours or fragrances

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