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Product Review | Mon Does Reviews by - Pam Maynard

Did you know: Daily environmental aggressors, such as pollution, sunlight, weather, or the use of harsh chemicals in skincare products will trigger our immune system to respond and become over stimulated. Over time, our skin becomes less able to repair itself. The skin loses its glow and radiance and it looks dull and tired. And, one more thing, Elissah is a beautiful Emu who lives in Laviol Valley, Australia!

As we age, yes, we all do, we need to increase our awareness to what we are exposing our skin to.  Do you ever think about things that make your skin look blah?  I never did until I learned about probiotic skincare from Laviol Skincare in Australia!

One of the biggest surprises of all the skincare products I received is how much I LOVE the Alfie Rabbit Skin Care Line!  It may be made for babies and toddlers, but it’s perfect for those of us with extremely sensitive skin.  Living in New England, the harsh winters leave everyone’s skin dry and irritated.  My 16 year old son loves the Soothing Oil for his Eczema spots on his legs.  They usually get out of control in the winter.  Alfie’s products have kept them in check.  Even my husband loves the Body Lotion!  It keeps our hands, arms and feet feeling soft and well moisturized for hours!

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