Pack contains - Face Moisturiser, Soothing Oil, Body Lotion

Unique formula enriched with probiotics, prebiotics, oat oil, carrot oil to help balance skin pH and protect baby's and toddler's skin barrier. Perfect skincare regime to keep baby’s skin microbiome balanced and ensure the ecoflora: our natural defence system and microbiological barrier remains strong and healthy. It also contains powerful bio actives from Australian native plant extracts kakado plum, mountain berry leaf, finger lime caviar and quandong to maximise protection against environmental damage. 


Babies and children have delicate skin which is prone to irritation, it requires protection and needs to be moisturised to retain hydration, Alfie Rabbit Skincare Pack provides excellent moisturising and hydration benefits to keep the skin soft and well moisturised in all weather conditions. 

Alfie Rabbit Skincare Pack


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