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Essential products for beautiful skin

Elissah All In One Essence for dry skin.

All In One Essence

Elissah Bio P2 All In One Essence, triple action, concentrated topical facial serum, enriched with probiotics, prebiotics and bio actives. Must have in your skincare regime

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Hydro Moisturiser

Enriched with probiotics, prebiotics and bio actives. Light weight moisturiser with excellent hydrating and antiaging benefits to instantly hydrate the skin. 

Daily moisturiser to balance the skin microbiome and protect against daily environmental pollution.

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Skin Barrier Oil

Effective skin barrier oil for sensitive, dry and mature skin. 

Soothes, repairs and protects the skin. It is a rich yet light oil with a unique lipid profile which provides excellent emollient benefits and keeps away dry skin and does not cause breakouts.

/ Who would benefit from using probiotic skincare?

  • You Have Sensitive Skin
  • ​You Live In An Urban Environment

  • You're Acne-Prone

  • You Have Dry & Aging Skin

  • Your Skin Looks Dull and Dehydrated

We are exposed to daily environmental aggressors, such as pollution, sunlight, dirt, or the use of harsh chemicals in skin care products. All of these will trigger our immune system to respond and become over stimulated. When this happens, the natural balance of the skin is disrupted. Over time, healthy cells, elastin and collagen are damaged, the skin becomes less able to repair itself. The skin loses its glow and radiance and it looks dull and tired. However, when the skin microbiome is healthy, the microbiological barrier can protect against these aggressors and reduce the chance that the immune system will trigger.

The bacteria cell content interacts with receptors to modulate the immune response and this really helps soothe inflammation in the skin. With our over-clean modern lifestyle, this ecosystem is often damaged and can result in dry, stressed, sensitive skin. Bringing probiotics and prebiotics into the equation can help rebuild this healthy skin ecosystem, giving you back the glowing skin you're supposed to have.

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I am 45 years old, I bought elissah facial pack from their online store. I love the essence, it made my skin so hydrated and soft. This essence is different from the ones I used before, it is very light and it was very quickly absorbed. The moisturiser has a beautiful woody, floral scent. The oil is also very light and does not give me a greasy feel. I notice my skin looks brighter and soft, the pores are a bit smaller around my nose. The most amazing thing is that the fine lines under my eyes are less noticeable. I have been using Elissah products over 6 months now. 

Jessica L

I have very sensitive skin. I have been recommended by my friend to use Elissah, she also has sensitive skin and she loves it. I tried the All in One Essence, it is easy to use and you only need a small amount, so the product really lasts. My skin looks and feels softer and fresher and the products have not irritated my skin.

Mandy J

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